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Taxi fares and info - Tokyo, Japan


Finding a taxi

Taxis in Tokyo can be hailed mostly anywhere, and are usually easy to find. Taxis come in all sorts of designs, depending on the company, but can be recognized on their visible paint jobs and roof signs. All taxis have lights on their dashboard signaling availability, if the light's green they're occupied and red means it's free.

It's quite unlikely that your taxi driver will speak English, and communicating your destination might pose a problem. The easiest way is pointing out the place where you want to go on a map, or having the address written down in Japanese on a piece of paper before you go.

Taxis in Tokyo are generally very clean, with taxi drivers even wearing white cotton gloves. Taxis are also safe, and scams are uncommon.

Be careful when getting into and out of the taxi; the doors are automatic and operated by the taxi driver. Don't try to open or close them yourself!

General taxi fares

Taxis in Tokyo are usually found quite expensive when compared to other cities. The fares start at ¥710 for the first two kilometers,  and the taximeter then adds ¥90 every 288 meters, or 40 seconds. Smaller taxis might be slightly less expensive.

At night, from 11pm, another 30% is added to the total fare. All major credit cards are expected, but a minimum fare might apply.

In the taxis, as everywhere else in Japan, tipping is not expected. A luggage fee might however be added.


Airport taxi fares

Haneda Airport - Tokyo:
Approx ¥6200-8000 (30 minutes)

Narita Airport - Tokyo:
Approx ¥20-30,000 (1.5-2 hours)

Other approximate taxi fares

Tokyo station - Shinjuku station:
Approx. ¥3000

Taxi companies in Tokyo


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